When you want to test the application you are building, there is a great technique that solves these cases. With this technique you can do the tests you want without having to put the information on your application by hand.

To use it you must do the following:

You need to create a file with the name makefile with the following content:

	ruby seeds.rb

It is important to use a <tab> to indent the commands and not spaces.

Then you can run:

$ make seed

If we go to the code:

What I’m doing here?

Line 1
Why do you write require_relative and no only require?
You are saying that you aren’t requiring a gem, but a file that is in the same folder.

Line 3
Here I’m using a Redis command FLUSHDB. This command deletes all the data. In my case it deletes all the users and types.

Line 5
I am assigning a variable user and I am saying the following: Create an instance of the User class with the following parameters (name, email and password). Those parameters will be the user attributes.

Line 7
I’m doing the same thing for the rest. Create an instance of the Type class with the following parameters (category and name).

That’s how I create a user and a types for my testing.