Now I have spent two months in the summer of code, and the experience is amazing.
I remember the first month, when started my application, the changes I was doing, now we only have one month more of summer of code. Happy to continue learning and coding.

I am taking great steps forward in my App.

The application looks this way:

When you go to

Have a bar at the top and the following links:

  • Sign In
  • Sign Up

Now you can Sign In and Sign Up and save the new user and verify that you do not have duplicate users.

After the user is registered, you have access to another menu:

  • Dashboard
  • Input
  • Outputs
  • Types
  • Profile
  • Sign Out

In this part, as well as all the templates work. I can register a new input, edit my profile, close session, I have printed the types by default brings the app.

Pending Items:

Forgot your password
When you register, you receive an email with the welcome message. The local setup is already running, I only need to activate the config for outgoing mail: mail account is already active:

Edit or Delete Types
To add an input and this then appears on the user, the same for the outputs.

Saving New Inputs and Outputs by User

Generate my dashboard
Dasboard is practically statistics according the filter that you need.

Tomorrow I have my meeting with my 2 coaches: Gustavo Beathyate and Francesco Rodríguez.
I’m learning a lot with them. Thanks guys!

So, the day is finished, I go to relax: